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Shrieks and Shivers from The Horror Zine, 2014
A classic anthology of unsettling and stomach-churning tales in the tradition of Pan Books or Weird Tales, and introduces us to a motley band of new horror talent -- featuring: "The Last Bottle" by Dean H. Wild.

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“I love this book. None of the stories disappointed. I was only disappointed at the end of the book as I wanted to read more.”

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“I know I will certainly be seeking out more from... Dean H. Wild ... in the future...”

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Yes, you are currently in the company of a writer. In fact you have stumbled onto an author who divides his time between non-fiction copywriting and fiction -- primarily horror fiction. Perhaps not your first choice but you could do worse. I have held a longstanding love of the written word (since the age of 7) to a point where I found myself at the creative, productive end of the written word machine, pushing the pedals and winding the cranks, learning how to drive the whole contraption. Occasionally, this leaves me at a place where I look, with more than a little jealousy, at those who can rock back in the finely upholstered pockets reserved for the readers of the world. Far away from the noisy confusion that is creation, these pockets. It makes me wish I had more time to partake of the countless books, articles and essays that fill the shelves and newspapers and magazines of our bookstores and libraries, receive the words, absorb them instead of toil away hammering them into shape, stringing them and then restringing them to get their sequence correct and their tone just right.

Before my envy can ripen, however, a copywriting deadline will beckon, or a character will call me back, demand my attention, remind me of my place in the world. Then I pick up my pen and fall in love all over again. I am the creator of magazine articles, the author of freelance short fiction and book reviews and now enjoy a more recent venture into the realm of freelance copywriting. I invite you to take a moment and rest here, look around, explore this small niche with receptive hands and an open mind. You never know what may bring a tingle to your fingertips or what might creep into the gaps left by unbarred thoughts. Writers appreciate the possibility brought on by such openness. Horror writers, however, absolutely love it.

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